Wat is a Smartbook?

At the time of this article, a smartbook is a class of mobile device that combines certain features of both a smartphone and netbook. Smartbooks use ARM processors which deliver features including always on, all-day battery life, 3G and/or WiFi connectivity and GPS (all typically found in smartphones) in a laptop or tablet-style body with a screen size of 5 to 10 inches and a physical or soft touch screen QWERTY keyboard.

ARM processors are more energy-efficient than traditional x86 processors that are typically found in desktop and laptop computers. They are not as fast but are quick enough for smooth video playback, rich web browsing and other apps.

Smartbooks are currently designed more for entertainment purposes than for productivity purposes and typically are targeted to work with online applications and may be also sold subsidized through mobile network operators, like mobile phones, along with a wireless data plan. We’ll see more and more smartbook like devices coming out throughout 2010.


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