Dell Inspiron 1545 DC Jack Daughter Board Repair

Dell 1545 DC Jack Daughter Board

Sometimes when the jack breaks on a Dell 1545, after you replace the jack you could receive a message of “The AC power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined.”

Assuming your adapter is OK, typically the culprit is the “data” pin’s power is not making it to pin #7 on the daughter board. If it isn’t getting here, it isn’t going to get into the motherboard. Check for continuity and be sure there is a connection between the data pin and the 7th pin on the DC Jack daughter board. If there is not, a jumper wire may be used to connect the two, or, you could replace the board itself.

Data pin
The 7th pin from the right should be carrying the data signal.

The board does not have a Dell P/N but occasionally goes by 48.4AQ03.011, 48.4AQ 03.C11, or 48.4AQ03.021.


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