ThinkPad T430 Review and Overview

Welcome to FreeLaptopHelp’s quick T430 review and overview. This guide is here to point out some of the bad information popping up online. You can find benchmarks on other review sites, but, consider the following.

With so many T430 reviews popping up online we’d like to point something out that the others seem to be missing. Some are giving the T430 a bad rap for having a dim screen. This is not the case. The T430’s standard HD 1366×768 display is a 200 NIT screen. But there is an HD+ 1600×900 display available, which is 250 NIT. Not only is this screen going to be significantly brighter, it is a really, really nice resolution for a 14″ widescreen. The T430i and the T430s have the same options.

Some reviews are placing the T430 with having Intel HD Graphics 4000. This is true but higher end models have NVIDIA NVS 5400M graphics.

A lot of the reviews online are showing the T430 with an i5 processor. They are available with i3, i5 and i7.

Hard Drive:
These come with 7200RPM HDs and alternatively some models come with SSD.

As you can see, the T430 can come in a variety of flavors. We prefer to get our specs from Lenovo’s Personal Systems Reference (PSREF) located here Go to the site and scroll down to the ThinkPad Notebooks section.

We’ve used the T400, T410, T410s, T420 and the T430 retains the same great features that the T series has like magnesium roll cage. The only major difference is the chiclet keyboard. It is still a great keyboard but does have the differences that we talked about on the T530 keyboard.

Other notes:
In addition to the machine having USB 3.0 ports, one on the back is “hot”, also known as always on. The machine has a great battery life, a wide variety of ports and is an all around great machine.


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  1. Wow, cool. I had read the screen was dim on these and it made no sense to me. This explains it. Thanks!

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